Unbiased Guidance

Consulting Capabilities

We communicate with our network of industry experts to help you determine your best course of action.

About Information Technology Consulting

Consulting requires expertise in an area coupled with a varied experience. If you want a database developed, a DBA would suggest whatever database and platform they work [exclusively] with. A proper consultant would evaluate your requirements before looking at which of many RDBMS systems would be candidates. In some cases, an RDBMS might not even be the right solution when a flat file would be the best fit.

While some "consulting" out there is really just rehashed sales pitches, we offer objective insight and advice. We have turned business away when it did not make sense. Instead we give them detailed information (they couldn't find on their own) for products, contacts and companies that would be a better fit for their needs.

You need consulting, as opposed to a service call, when you want: strategic vision, brainstorming, different solutions for problems, feasibility assessments.