We are small and agile.
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About Domain Logic Technology Solutions

At first, we operated as Randall's Computer Care. Randalls Computer Care serviced and built 8088 to 80486 PCs.

Services began to expand as we gained expertise in network design, analysis and security. Web development also took off and we gained market space into the home technology and automation areas. Needless to say, we quickly outgrew our name.

The name 'domain logic' is relective of the adoption of providing high-tech home services like distributed Audio/Video, computer controlled home automation and networking. We still offer enterprise level support for our services and actually engineer alot of our own hardware used in corporate deployments.

Our strengths lie in supporting organizations with less than 500 employees (small to medium business). By providing end-to-end solutions and being a single source for datacommunications, security, systems and support.


1995 - started Randall's Computer Care as a Microsoft OEM (system builder), AOpen Components reseller, Cyrix Authorized Reseller. It was a home-based business that serviced home users, and small businesses with simple peer-to-peer networks.

1996 - provided additional tech support for a regional ISP (ah, the great days of dialup connections on Windows 3.11 and Windows 95).

1997 - partnered with SmartHome and X10 as an authorized installer and reseller of home automation and surveillance solutions.

1998 - get into real enterprise networking and IT projects in the 7 figure range. Provide enterprise support on OS2/Warp, NT, Linux, AS400, Domino servers, Windows. Manage networks running on ethernet, twinax, fiber, Token Ring, PVCs. Foot in early on Corporate email (Lotus Notes, imap/pop servers) and Internet monitoring solutions. Randall's Computer Care is replaced by Domain Logic.

2000 - expanding into more database work and web development. We start hosting websites and email on our hardware for other organizations. Telephone system support begins with the common ATT/Avaya Partner ACS systems.

2001 - Based on knowledge of routers and networking (3Com, Cisco), invited to look at broken government distributed microwave network. (that had been having reliability issues for 18 months). All 6 sites were documented, problems identified and mitigated, re-engineered and up and running. This was done in less than 10 hours..with zero previous experience with wireless networks). Became Avaya wireless partner. (which got absorbed by Proxim).

2003 - Randall is featured speaker at ITEC conferences for network security and Linux integration.

2005 - Develop and manage data to support disaster response for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Give presentations to Department of Homeland Security, INVOAD for collecting and managing data resources.

2006 - Build reverse logistics line to remanufacture Xbox, Playstation, Gamecube game consoles for a household name retailer. We refurbish hundreds of consoles a week back to 'grade A' condition.

2014 - Partner up with CTech solutions and take over their server/workstation/network management.

2017 - Become Grandstream partner and authorized reseller. Hire Darion to take over the datacomm side.