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Datacommunications and PC Networks

Today's data communications networks are required to carry traditional data traffic, as well as time-sensitive voice, video and web-based traffic. In the service provider, enterprise and consumer markets, there is the need to deploy a variety of technologies to support new high data rate multimedia requirements. To plan, market and enable these networks, you need a conceptual understanding of data communications network architectures and protocols. This course offers an overview of existing data network environments, and introduces the technologies that are being developed and deployed to support Next Generation Network services.

If you attend this workshop, you will also receive hands-on experience in managing the network infrastructures. Each attendant will receive their own personal network technicians tool kit to take with you when you leave!. During the training session, you will get hands-on experience moving workstation ports, terminating connectors, patch panel terminations, cable installation and labeling. All according to existing EIA/TIA and NEC standards.

You Will Learn
  • Characteristics of basic and advanced data network architectures and protocols.
  • LAN technologies and the introduction of Gigabit Ethernet as an interconnection technology.
  • Broadband connection options like DSL, Cable modems as well as Frame Relay and ATM packet switching technologies.
  • Appletalk, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP suite of protocols.
  • How to properly install horizontal cable and eliminate EMI interference
  • When/why/how to use CMP or CMP-50 cabling to abide by firecodes
  • How to keep fires from spreading through your cable runs
  • How to setup and support a network up to 300 computers.

Who Can Benefit
IT professionals who need to develop an understanding of data communications concepts and protocols. Individuals new to the communications industry. Planning, sales and marketing staff from the service provider environment, and anyone who wants to learn the basics of data communications in a competitive environment.

The following sessions are currently scheduled. If no sessions are listed, or if you need further information, please contact us at 1-574-534-1172.

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