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Instruction and Education

    Traditional teaching settings can sometimes be problematic. What may happen is that the information they receive is too general to apply it to specific problems they are having at work. Something we have pioneered at Domain Logic is the new on-the-job training programs. In this scenario, we teach your staff in their work setting. That way, they don't struggle to apply generalized training. This has proved to work well in situations such as: Phone system management, telephone moves, network installs, computer moves, PC deployments and network management.     Instruction is available for the following areas:
  • Using Desktop applications (eg. StarOffice, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, etc...)
  • How to maintain, repair and upgrade your PC
  • How to maintain your enterprise phone system
  • Hands on instruction on Network Management and Support, Network+ certification
  • Hardware Troubleshooting and Help Desk Support for PC and Computer , A+ Certification
  • How to integrate Linux into your MS Windows environment
  • Connecting and Securing your enterprise to the Internet
  • Requested or Custom Instruction available
Instruction is provided onsite or in classroom setting by skilled University faculty with real world field experience. Our head of intruction and training has received excellent reviews teaching for IvyTech State College in South Bend Indiana in the CIS department and computer courses at Davenport University campuses in Northern Indiana. He was awarded grants by the State to develop the online courses for MCSE certification used statewide by IvyTech State College. Our head instructor has also been hired by textbook publishers to review for content and accuracy.
    *Onsite training will incur costs of travel as well as actual training time. Custom training manuals can be developed for the specific needs of your organization.
    Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be informed when seminars are in your area or for further information by using the support contact form.
    We would be more than glad to have you contact our former or current client firms and individual students. Also be sure to let us know how you would like to see our website improved.

Linux LPI Certification Classes

We have the BEST commercial crash course on LPI certification...GUARANTEED!! If you find a more qualified instructor teaching a Linux Certification course (LPI) within 6 months of your course date, then we will REFUND YOUR MONEY! Linux Training is conducted by professional Linux experts.

Think we are nuts on Linux? We also offer Microsoft certification courses!

Details on Courses and Training Sessions:

Learn Linux Linux has the reputation of being the rock-solid operating system you've dreamed of, but requires more know-how to get running properly. Frankly, you should run from any solution that claims to be a panacea or a 'cure all'. Learn how to integrate Free Unix and Linux solutions into your environment while maintaining a more secure and stable environment
Windows 2000 Microsoft maintains the Lions share of the desktop market. Learn how to properly tame this beast in your networked environment.
  Telecommunications and Phone Systems Learn the fundamentals to get up to speed on current and emerging technologies, while learning how to manage your current telephone systems infrastructure. The seminar is loaded with hands-on experience and you take the tools home with you!
  Computer Networking Learn the basics of how networks are designed, what your options are and how to manage your existing network. The seminar is loaded with hands-on experience and you take the tools home with you!

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