HowTo: Securely get into your Private Network using a PPTP tunnel through the Internet

Requirements: network permissions and an Internet connection (dial-up, xDSL, Cable Modem or dedicated line), a PPTP enabled server (e-smith Linux boxes have this by default, other Linux or Windows server might require more configuration).
Author: Randall Perry
Date: 5-12-02
Synopsis: This procedure will guide you through setting up your PC so that you can get into your PPTP enabled network. This means that you can connect to every printer, file server and resource as if you were actually there!
NOTE: Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) may block services that would prevent you from getting into your VPN system. Try the procedure first, and we will determine if it will work for you.

To enable the Mitel (e-smith) Linux server to have remote access, simply enable the access in the system control panel. For other Linux or Windows PPTP servers, follow that configuration documentation. You may also have to open up your router or firewall in front of that box (ie meaning between the server and Internet).

To configure your PC, please select which operating system* you will use to connect:

* Items in black mean that although access is available, the procedure is still being written.