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PC Repair

    We are proud to have such a thorough background in PC Hardware. Our senior PC tech started working on IBM XT and 8088's with EGA monitors. (compare that 6Mhz speed to today's multi-core, multi GHz speed!). Having the experience with every generation of Intel processor has proven valuable as each new chip has been built on the foundation of the preceding line of processors.
          We would be happy to work on your desktop, minitower, desktop , Server or Laptop system running the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, 98, Me
  • IBM OS2/WARP Workstation and Server
  • Microsoft Windows: NT4.0, 5.0 (Windows 2000), 5.1(XP), 6.0(Vista), Windows 7
  • Windows NT Server, W2k Server, W2k Advance Server and Enterprise, Server 2003, Server 2008
  • Linux (RedHat, Turbo, Caldera, Susie, Slackware...) and some UNIX
  • Mac OSX

    The following services can be performed by our efficient techs at a rate of $75 for first hour and $55 each additional hour. (prepay warrants discount)

  • Hardware upgrades
    • Adding memory
    • Upgrade Hard Drive (Without losing your DATA!)
    • Video capture and TV cards
    • DVD, CDRom, CDRW, DVDRAM, Zip, LS120...
  • Peripheral install, configuration and repair (mice, printers, scanners...)
  • Software install, upgrades, patches, configuration
  • Internet connection configuration (configuring some equipment like routers, firewalls, multiplexers are performed by our Network services team)
    • DSL
    • Cable modem
    • Dial-up
    • ISDN
    • 3g/4g cellular
    • Microwave (Motorola Canopy, Nokia Rooftop, 802.11b/g/n Point-to-Point)
  • PC Software installation, design and upgrades
>> Laptop Repair and Upgrade Services <<

Services are also available at flat rate:(please email sales @ for a more complete list or for specific needs)

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