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    Our staff has designed and developed networks for companies as small as 2 employees to geographically dispersed government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. We also can come and clean up unpleasant situations the "other guy" left you with.
        Networks may involve computers, devices or media systems (like video cameras that display to the picture-in-picture window on your TV when you are home, and display to your private website to view while you are away).

  • Enterprise Wireless Networks (and point-to-point backhaul links)
  • Courtesy Wi-Fi hotspot solutions
  • Certified, documented Premise Wiring: Gigabit Ethernet, Phone, Audio/Video
  • Telephone PBX solutions, repair, installation
  • Headend Video distribution solutions (hotel, hospital)
  • Media types: UTP, STP, Fiber Optics, Twinax, Thinnet, RG58-59-6, Wireless and other
  • Move or Install Phone or FAX lines

    Other telecommunications services:

  • Router configuration (Cisco, 3Com, LRP, Linux boxes)
  • Network terminations (patch panel in wiring closet, work area)
  • Network troubleshooting for congestion, packet loss, NeXT
  • Network management, monitoring, traffice shaping, filtering
  • Infrastructure Certification: we can certify installed cabling to perform at 100BaseTX, gigabit ethernet, and to be within physical limitations. We also can test audio or video cabling and terminations.

Want to do your own Network or Phone system Install or Repair?

Click here to get tools and find out how to repair, install, upgrade your PC computer network for home or business!
Click here to get tools and learn how to troubleshoot, install and work on phone systems!

Telephone Systems

Do you have an existing phone system or network equipment that needs installed or maintained? Find out how Domain Logic can save you money on installation charges. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR TRAVEL IF WORK SITE IS MORE THAN 15 MILES AWAY.
If you are outside of this area, Please email or call for an exact travel charge.

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