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Laptop and Portable Repair

    We offer a wide range of Laptop and portable computer services. Whether you need a larger drive, more memory or any kind of upgrade, the professional technicians at Domain Logic will ensure an affordable upgrade with the best quality service.

    Is your laptop screen broken or notebook screen is dim?
    Unlike traditional computer monitors (CRTs), todays LCD panel monitors and laptop displays use TFT or DSTN screens (typically) that require a cold-cathode backlight to illuminate your screen.

    Quite often these bulbs either burn-out or possibly have circuitry failure. Because the layers of a display and components are quite sensitive, it takes special care to replace and repair these components.

    Don't worry!

    Your friends at Domain Logic can repair backlights or replace broken LCD screens.

    We also carry numerous new and used laptop computer components. Just call or email to get a price quote. (because daily stock changes and we compete with the rapid price changes)

    As always our coverage area is NATIONAL!
    Laptops and notebooks can be:
    - dropped off (no charge)
    - shipped out (customer pays shipping costs)
    - serviced on location (destination charge extra--only available in Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan)

    Services are also available at flat rate:(please email for a more complete list or for specific needs)

    (The terms 'laptop' and 'notebook' denote any portable PC)

    Work Rate
    *Laptop CDROM install
    DVD or CDRW
    Notebook Hard Drive install
    & configure
    Install memory upgrade $35
    Laptop screen
    backlight repair
    $155 (for 14" or 15" models)
    Price includes parts!!!

    * We can repair DVD players, DVD burners and CDRW drives for Dell, Gateway, IBM, HP, Compaq, Packard Bell, NEC, Toshiba and More!! (or the optical drive can be upgraded for you).

    Contact us for the best laptop service in Goshen, South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka---or ANYWHERE in Indiana !!

    Our friends in Sturgis, Niles, Constatine, Edwardsburg and even Kalamazoo---we service Southern Michigan!

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