WELCOME C-TECH Customers! C-Tech Solutions is still operating, and have moved to our offices at Domain Logic Technology Solutions, Inc. We continue to offer the same services and support you have received with either company.

Domain Logic provides you with the tools and services to keep your IT or IS departments running smoothly. We are professionals in computer systems, telecommunications and IT best practices. We will help you get the greatest ROI on your information technology investments. After all, your business focus is not to fund the large software companies.

If you have an existing Data Processing or Information Technology department, we can help with advanced training, auditing and troubleshooting.

Not only will your IT staff resolve problems, but will learn processes to be better problem solvers.

We also are asked to come in to evaluate current vendor relationships, help negotiate contracts and help shape strategic planning for IT initiatives.

What you won't get from Domain Logic is some lofty Pie-in-the-Sky techno babble taken from some technology journal or ezine.
We have real world experience in every aspect of technology and not just theory.

When our senior consultant, Randall Perry, talks to you about networking topologies, understand that he literally has been "in the trenches". That means actually trenching buried lines for the phone companies, climbing towers for point-to-point microwave installations, hand polishing fiber optics, wiring complete buildings, paid to contribute to school textbooks on networking, building microwave transmitters for WiSP, being the featured speaker at technology conferences on networking and security, and being a go-to resource by IT departments, consultants and phone company techs.

That is only a partial list for networking related experience.

We also have experience and tacit knowledge of:

  • Computer hardware (Mini, mid-range, PC, Mac, embedded, console, proprietary, portables)
  • Project Management (training on using project management tools, methods, SDLC)
  • Technology Integration (Applying proper technologies and setting strategies aligned to business model)
  • Reverse Logistics and remanufacturing
  • Datamining and tracking solutions
True War Stories:
The hard-drive died in their machine. Sure, the computer manufacturer replaced the drive but told them that their 3 years of data was gone. The customer sought out more expertise than this major labeled PC maker was offering. They found us here on the web. In our customers own words, here is what happened:
"Domain Logic Technology Solutions and Randall Perry saved the day for our company when our server's hard drive crashed recently. They restored our data and restored us to full operational functionality within 4 hours of our initial contact!!!!

They are our # 1 preferred computer/networking solutions provider!!!"

Jerry Stinchfield, Controller
Apollo Transfer Company, L.L.C.
Tempe, AZ and Granger, IN

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