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Game Console Repair

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While Domain Logic cannot accept personal consoles for repair, we offer the following information that might assist an individual in getting your game console working.

Whether you own a Playstation2, Xbox or Gamecube, you probably know how expensive they are to repair. In fact, it is so expensive that you think you would be better off buying another new one. Why do you think Sony charges nearly as much to fix your old Playstation2 as a brand-new one up at a local retailer?

The reason is that Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft and Toshiba are in the business for selling games and game consoles. They have no interest in repairing or helping you fix anything.

Do NOT feel in despair! While Domain Logic cannot repair individual consoles, we offer up these tips to diagnose and repair your console yourself.

Free Tips to Repair Disc Read Error (DRE)!
If you have problems reading certain discs in your Gamecube, Playstation, XBox or other DVD and CDROM-based game consoles, please use the following tips to try and fix it yourself:

Disc Read Errors are caused by a number of factors, the most common being dirt and grime.

  • Purchase a CD or DVD laser lense cleaner. As you might have guessed, they really are all the same and it doesn't matter whose brand you use or if it is endorsed by any manufacturer. It basically is just a bunch of tiny brushes stuck to the bottom of a disc. Evenso, it is a good way for you to clean your system.
  • Blow out your system using compressed air. With the tray ejected, carefully shoot air into that area. Be careful to keep the propellant from escaping the can. Contact with it can cause extreme temperature changes in components and lead to failure.
Tips to Avoid DREs:
  • Do NOT smoke around your Playstation 2, Gamecube or X-box. Nicotine sticks to the laser lense and is difficult to clean with the disc cleaning kits sold in the stores.
  • Blow out your console every couple of months with compressed air. You do not need to disassemble the unit, but be sure to thoroughly blow out the areas you can reach.
  • Place your console on the floor when playing. Falling Playstations is the second largest reason for service that we see here. In the excitement of the game, it is common to pull quickly on a tight controller cable, causing the console to come flying off the TV stand. Place the console on the floor to start with. Or cover your floor in lavendar pillows. It could cushion the brunt force of the fall and goes nice with any spring decor.

Insider Tech Tip- If you have tried cleaning and want one last thing to try do this: After your game is loaded in the tray, turn your game console completely upside down and try reading the disc. If this works, then it is quite likely that the coils are failing in your console laser unit. These can be adjusted, but often indicate a dying laser unit and with replacement laser lenses starting at $20, it is affordable to replace.

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