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Game Console Repair

Is your Sony Playstation2 broken? Does it have any of the following problems:
  • Does not power up
  • PS1 disc plays, but PS2 games are not recognized
  • Some discs work, others don't
  • Playstation was dropped or fell and now is broken
  • Since mod chip install, legitimate discs don't always work*
  • Or perhaps you purchased a 'Repair-it-yourself' repair manual online and now NOTHING works.
We can fix the game console for you!

Typical disc read errors are fixed by properly cleaning and readjusting internal components. For a flat rate of only $49.99 we:
-polish laser lense
-clean and lubricate DVD tray
-lubricate optical carraige if necessary
-clear lens carraige sled
-readjust laser pickup angle (radial laser adjustment)
-recalibrate laser power (if necessary)
-full media tests and controller function

As a seperate service, we can also fix the following problems:

  • Replace or repair broken Playstation2 disc tray or tray faceplate
  • Replace broken gameport and memory card reader
  • Fix rumble (force feedback) when it stops working in Sony PS2 game.
  • Replace or repair defective Playstation 2 powersupply.
  • Install replacement laser or other components.

Why Use Domain Logic?

While we have only been in the game console repair market for several months, we have experience repairing, designing and building every generation PC computer since the 8088 (first PC built), a Senior Technician with more than 15 years electronics repair and partnerships with actual Computer/Electronics Design Engineering firms.

Domain Logic believes in building up the communities around them and donates a portion of all income to Not-for-Profits that serve our youth and at-need citizens nationwide.

and remember...
We process hundreds of consoles per week!


Attention Playstation Repair Technicians!

Have you been searching for replacement and repair parts for your Playstation or Playstation2 console?

We carry a full line of brand-new and remanufactured game console supplies and parts:

Contact us for PS2, X-Box and GameCube repairs in Goshen, South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka---or ANYWHERE in Indiana !!

Oh, and our friends in Sturgis, Niles, Constatine, Edwardsburg and even Kalamazoo---we service Southern Michigan!

From anywhere in the world you can Mail your system to us for service!

* We do not condone or endorse the use of mod chips. Installing these not only void any warranty, but can seriously damage your console.

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